Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the artist?

The artist is ME - Natalie Keller Pariano or NatKP! Learn a little bit more about me here.

How do I contact the artist?

Please see my contact information.

Are your doodles hand drawn or are they prints?

Each Natterdoodle is hand lettered, painted and/or designed by me! I love doing original pieces and sometimes turn those into prints. Every listing explicitly states what you're ordering! :)

I'm thinking about ordering a lot of the same piece. Do you do prints for bulk orders?

Prints can be arranged for large orders. Let's talk! Connect with me here.

Why don't you have an Etsy shop?

I don't know, why don't you?!? JK! Maybe I will some day.

I would like a custom doodle and I have a lot of ideas that I would like to share with you!

Fun! I can't wait to hear about them. First, check out the Commissions page. When placing an order, you'll complete a questionnaire that asks you all about your style, font, and other preferences. If you have other questions or info you'd like to share, email me directly.

What kind information will be requested in the custom order questionnaire?

  1. The phrase, quote, lyric or saying you would like doodled written EXACTLY as you would like it.
  2. The author of the wording and whether or not you want it included in the design.
  3. The requested medium (paper, canvas, etc.) and preferred color.
  4. The size doodle you're requesting. Hint: most people ask for frame-able sizes like 5x7, 8x10 or 11x14.
  5. Colors of ink/paint you would like used.
  6. Whether you'd prefer watercolor or plain background and any preferences.
  7. Any certain type of script/handwriting(s) you prefer. (Check out the Natterdoodle gallery for reference points). 
  8. Any inspirations you would like me to reference (Please refer to Natterdoodle gallery  if there is a certain style you would like recreated).
  9. Any other information you'd like to share with me (i.e. special occasions, preferences, ideas, etc).
  10. When you need your Natterdoodle.

How long will it take to get my custom Natterdoodle?

Average wait time is between six to eight weeks. I will write to you after you place an order to give you an estimated date. If you need it sooner, write to me about a rush charge.

How much does a custom doodle cost?

The range for standard doodles from 5x7 to 11x14 is $35-55. If you're looking for a different medium (canvas, wood, etc) or a particularly lengthy piece, write to me directly for a quote and we can setup a custom listing.

What if would like to buy a doodle you have previously posted on your Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest accounts that I don't see here?

Send me a message to! If I haven't sold it, I will send you a price!