Doodles specifically for YOUdles.

You have the best idea, dontcha?

I absolutely love making special, commissioned pieces for customers based on their ideas, for gifts or for personal inspiration! If you have an awesome idea that you need someone to help you bring to life, I'm your gal! Just a few of my commissioned pieces are featured above! I got questions!

Before we get started, here are some questions you should think through to help me understand your project! You can copy and paste these in an email inquiry to expedite the process and get our conversation rollin'. Note: the questions below apply to custom art pieces. If your interest is related to wedding calligraphy, event decor or business inquiries, it's best to write to me directly!

If you don't have a preference on a question, just say so!

  1. Please share the phrase, quote, lyric or saying you would like doodled exactly as you would like it. 
  2. Do you want the author attributed in the doodle design? If not, I'll print it on the back!
  3. What color paper tickles your fancy? Or, please indicate if you are seeking another medium. 
  4. What size doodle do you want? Hint: most people ask for frame-able sizes like 5x7, 8x10 or 11x14.
  5. What color(s) of ink would you like used?
  6.  Do you want watercolor or plain background?
  7. Is there a certain style of script or font you like best? (Check out the Natterdoodle blog for reference points). Do you want one script (handmade font) or a variety?
  8. Are there any inspirations you'd like me to draw from? (Please refer to the Natterdoodle gallery if there is a certain style you would like recreated).
  9. Anything else I should know?!
  10. When do you need your Natterdoodle?

Stuff you gotta know.

You probably have questions, too. Here's a few of the ones I am asked most often!

  • TIMEFRAME. Do you want your doodle like right now?!?! That's how I feel when I want something! It's important to note that I'm currently projecting up to 12 weeks for custom pieces. If you need it faster, we can always discuss rush orders! Don't be afraid to ask.
  • WORKFLOW. While I'd love to make every piece your heart desires, my freelance work, product development and workshops demand much of my time. I am only able to accommodate a limited number of personal commissioned pieces each season.
  • PRICING. The price for a hand painted and hand lettered pieces varies depending on the size, time and level of detail the project requires. Please contact me for a quote specific to your project.
  • WEDDING CALLIGRAPHY/EVENT DECOR. Lots of folks ask about envelope addressing, wedding lettering, event decor, etc. The answer is I'M INTO IT. Please write to me directly to discuss your event!
  • TATTOOS. Do I dig them them? I do! Do I design them, you betcha! Please send me an email so we can talk through your ink vision!
  • ALMA MATER/FIGHT SONG/UNIVERSITY PROJECTS. These are hands down some of my favorite to work on as a full-time higher education professional! If you are affiliated with a college or university, consider writing to me to talk about your project and intended uses for the piece!
  • BUSINESS INQUIRIES. I love to work with businesses on everything from getting my products in your shop to freelance designing logos and tshirts, to product development. Let's talk! Please see my contact page and write to me directly.

Let's chat!

Ultimately, commissioned pieces, business inquiries, university spirit gear, & personalized event decor come down to a good ol' conversation! I'd love to talk to you about your ideas! Visit my contact page and let's design something together. <3