Positivity penmanship. Oodles of doodles. Custom hand lettering. You get the idea.

What's a natterdoodle?

nat·ter /nadər/ 

informal verb 1. talk casually, chatter; noun 1. a casual and leisurely conversation.

doo·dle /do͞odl/

verb 1. scribble absentmindedly; noun 1. a rough drawing made absentmindedly.

natter+doodle = natterdoodle

Doodled words, especially positive messages, snarky truths and happy thoughts are my jam. Are they yours too?

The story.

Hi, I'm Natalie Keller Pariano of Natterdoodle, heartfelt handwriting. My friends call me NatKP, so you can too, because we're basically besties now if you're visiting my shop!

I started playing with pens and paint as a kiddo. My funky writing eventually turned into an outlet for stress relief and then a hobby that I would occasionally share with the Instagram universe. I doodled positive affirmations, quotes, song lyrics, etc...really anything to bring a little more hope and happiness - and snickers into the world. I called my posts "Natterdoodles" in homage to a nickname my friend called me in college. 

After a few months of flooding my followers' feeds with #natterdoodle, (and sending loads of free art to anyone who asked on Instagram) a very clever friend of mine, James Clear, encouraged me to buy natterdoodle.com and makey hobby into a practiced habit. I used my posts as an accountability measure and committed to doodling every day. 

I was overwhelmed by all the love I got from internet folk and started taking requests for custom quotations, handlettered envelopes, party decorations and other special requests. I love sharing my inspirations with others; equal parts sappy and snarky.

Natterdoodle is now available at 14 retail locations and counting and with the help of my very loving and devoted Instagram following, I am always amped to #sprinklepositivityconfetti in your homes, offices, special moments and of course, your social meeds feeds. 

xo. NatKP

Who is NatKP?

I'm NatKP; lettering artist and Chief Sprinkler of Positivity Confetti. I'm a full-time college educator by day, and artist by night with a passion for creating a more positive world.

I'm a gal with many interests and favorites including: lusting after goat cheese, turning my voice high pitched when talking to dogs, trying to tame my wild curly hair, reminiscing about my missed calling as an aspiring Broadway star (in my dreams), aggressively overpacking for my travels, tequila testing, naming any animal I encounter, attempting to be punny and making wildly expressive hand gestures while speaking. 

I'm an expert in frivolity and friendship. I'm a proud sister and daughter and am pro-napping, pro-snarkasm, pro-outings, pro-thunderstorms, pro-cardigan sweaters, pro-human rights and pro-being pro things. Outside of my work and art, I'm a devoted volunteer for a non-profit called LeaderShape and serve in a leadership role for the National Association of Campus Activities

Lovingly created.

All of my pieces are original creations! I love playing and experimenting with hand lettering, watercolor and vintage, upcycled paper goods. My work is made with love, full of whimsy and good cheer and perfectly imperfect.

Ohio made.

My work is created and printed in Columbus, Ohio. Born and raised in Cleveland, educated in Athens and a very happy resident of Clintonville, I'm proud to call Ohio my home!

Green commitment.

All of my prints are printed on 100% recycled cardstock and I also use recycled envelopes, plastic sleeves and inserts for packaging.